War Thunder

World War II game for multiple players


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Free
  • Version Beta
  • Size 4.20 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gaijin Entertainment, LLP

A World War II MMO game that’s free to play.

War Thunder is a game inspired by World War II. It is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) combat game. It was developed by Gaijin Entertainment and originally created for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Shield Android TV, OS X, and Linux.

Play For Free Online

War Thunder is a next gen MMO combat game, and most of it is dedicated to World War II armoured vehicles, military aviation, and military fleets. As a player, you take part in a number of major combat battles, and you fight with and against real players from around the world.

Free To Play Money Grabbing

The developers have wasted no time weaving money-grabbing gimmicks into the game to get the players to start spending real money. The cost of some of the upgrades are ridiculous, and yet the people that have them will dominate the game and make it horrible for other players. Chasing rewards that you can unlock is okay, but they do not really offer anything extra or anything different to the point where it changes your gaming experience.

Vladimir Affects The Gaming World

The Russian government under Vladimir Putin has made it clear to the developers that Russia must appear superior in the game when it comes to military power. As a result, whenever you play the game you will see a massive bias towards Russia. The game is loaded with Russian propaganda, and it is “Very” anti-American to the point where it rivals the many Iranian “Death to America” rallies.

The Team Are Censoring

Post anything negative about the game on the forums, or comment on their anti-American themes or pro-Russian propaganda and you will be kicked from the forum, your posts will be deleted, and they have even locked and removed many of the threads.

You Will Be Dominated By Those That Pay

The people that pay to play the game are going to dominate you. The game is very unfair, especially if the other person has paid money and is playing in a Russian plane. There is simply no way to win unless you too have spent a lot of money. There are times when you may win a few battles, but if you are playing against a person that has paid for superiority, then you are going down in flames.


  • The first-person shooting style may suit some people


  • Very unfair if you do not pay money
  • Pro-Russian propaganda
  • Many complain about server problems
  • Lose your connection and you lose the game
  • The whole game is full of money-grabbing tricks
  • Unorganised game management
  • Seriously uneven gameplay
  • Very biased against American hardware
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